We can influence some decisions…we give our recommendations and GRAPHISOFT listens to us and takes this into account in the further development of the software

Vitali Krestianchik, CPU Pride, Russia

In my opinion, GDL is what makes Archicad superior. It is a huge advantage.

David Lozej, BIMSoftDesign, Slovenia

I feel very good about the contact I have with GRAPHISOFT and the people working here. It feels very much like a family business.

André Agi, Liljewall Arkitekter, Sweden

The key difference that I’m seeing, is when we talk about our requirements in terms of what the software should do and how we want to work, we’re listened to, and that’s quite important to us.

Colin Dibb, WEBBER Australia

I became a BIM Manager because for me it was fun to work in Archicad.

Lukas Zeleny, SIEBERT + TALAS, Slovakia

The challenge is collaboration across our offices, so we do everything through BIMcloud.

Tony Fitzpatrick, AW2 Architects, Finland

Working with Archicad, we found a way to analyze our decisions as they relate to the future and to sustainability.

Jakub Masák, Masák & Partner Group, Czech Republic

Innovation in the industry lies with the architects — to create very effective workflows — so they can collaborate and test designs early on.

Franz Forsberg-Mussault, LINK Arkitektur, Norway

If we can create a common environment in which we can link solutions to each other, the result is a convenient, comfortable, effective platform for everyone.

Aleksandr Popov, Archimatika, Ukraine

Our company history dates back 400 years. We maintain our traditions and value both design and construction. Our strength lies in integrating design and construction. We work with GRAPHISOFT to enhance and modernize our integration practice.

Hiroyuki Shimizu, Takenaka Corporation, Japan